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UK To Collect Interest On Overdue Digital Services Tax

The UK Government on September 16, 2020, tabled The Taxes (Interest Rate) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2020, which will enable HM Revenue and Customs to collect or pay interest on overpaid or underpaid digital services tax liabilities

UK, Austria Sign Deal On Granting Tax Treaty Benefits

HM Revenue and Customs has announced that it is has agreed changes with authorities in Austria regarding how the two authorities will deal with requests for relief under the two countries' tax treaty

EU To Amend VAT Rules For Trade With Northern Ireland

The European Commission has proposed changes to the EU's VAT rules in respect of Northern Ireland, in preparation for the end of the Brexit transition period with the UK

Tax affairs of 246 professional footballers investigated by HMRC

Football is facing extra scrutiny over imaging rights amid concern younger players are not receiving all the tax advice they need

UK Considering New Online Sales Tax

Alongside a review into the reform of the business rates system (commercial property tax) in the UK, the Government is looking at possible taxes that could replace or supplement the regime, including a new tax on online sales

Package for fair and simple taxation

It is more important than ever for Member States to have secure tax revenues, so they can invest in the people and businesses who need it most.

Start-ups brauchen im Schnitt 3,3 Mio. Euro

Die große Mehrheit der Start-ups in Deutschland benötigt in den kommenden zwei Jahren frisches Geld. Gerade einmal 2 Prozent geben an, dass sie keinen Kapitalbedarf haben, 7 von 10 (71 Prozent) benötigen dagegen neue Mittel, rund jedes Vierte will dazu keine Angaben machen.

HMRC reports £31bn in unpaid tax

It blames evaders, but businesses and individuals responsible for most of the missing cash

INSIGHT: Corporate Residence Post-BEPS and Global Mobility

Christos Theophilou, of Taxatelier, discusses the various corporate residency criteria that countries are using in order to tax their residents and the interaction of the tax treaties tie-breaker rule for dual-residence companies.

Taxation: Council agrees on the postponement of certain tax rules

To address the severe disruptions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU will allow more time to comply with rules on cross-border information reporting and exchanges and VAT for e-commerce

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