Foreign Companies Registration

One of the businesses of IBFS is the companies’ incorporation. We offer professional incorporation service in EU, Hong Kong and Singapour.

We manage the process of registration following two major steps:

  • Our client provides us with information about their field of business and their requirements.
  • We analyze all the client’s preferences and select the best option from the legal and tax point of view as well as the cost of company incorporation.

Once the client agrees to the terms, we begin with the process of company registration.

Alternatively, our client can choose a ready-to go option: purchase an already registered company in the most popular jurisdiction which will save a lot of the client’s time.

Our dedication to deliver efficient and qualitative service as well as our tailored approach to every client is widely considered as one of the best globally. As international service providers we have an outstanding reputation among our clients who see in us their most reliable partner.


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