Services included in the package Standart Premium
Company registration (including state duties) + +
Legal address (1 year) + +
Secretarial service (1 year) + +
Company's stamp + +
Apostille of documents + +
Nominee Director (1 year) +
Nominee founder (1 year) +
Apostilled Power of Attorney +
Company registration cost 520 USD 1200 USD
Cost of servicing the company from the second year 690 usd 1190 usd

Why buy an offshore company in Belize? The legislation provides an opportunity to register or buy an offshore company in Belize with the status of an International Business Company (IBC) Companies with the status of IBC must pay only an annual fee for entry in the state register of companies and are exempt from taxes. In accordance with the legislation of Belize (IBC Act. 1990), such companies have the right to engage in all types of business around the world, which allows them to actively use them in offshore schemes, including in the CIS countries.

Requirements for offshore companies in Belize

To register an offshore company in Belize, at least one shareholder and at least one director are required (a director and a shareholder can be the same individual, resident or non-resident).
There is no mandatory requirement for local shareholders / directors to be present in the company;
Legal entities can be shareholders and directors;
It is mandatory to have a registered office and agent / secretary in Belize;
The name of the company must be in English and is checked for presence in the register
Nominee service allowed.
Authorized capital of the company

Usually the authorized capital of an offshore company in Belize is 50,000 USD, but it is optional.

Confidentiality for beneficiaries

Belize has a register of directors and beneficiaries. However, information about the participants and directors of offshore companies in Belize is not available and is stored electronically only by the registered agent. For complete confidentiality, we recommend using the services of nominee directors and shareholders.

Taxes and accounting

Offshore companies in Belize are not taxed and do not have to file reports. However, there is a requirement to keep primary accounting documents and inform the company's agent of the storage address. The storage address can be an address in any country. The costs of maintaining a Belize company are limited to a small flat fee once a year for the company's presence in the public register of companies, as well as for the services of a registered agent.


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