Services included in the package Basic Standard Premium
Company registration (including government fees) + + +
Mailroom and registered address for 1 year + + +
Corporate secretary service for 1 year + + +
Digital incorporation certificates + + +
Company stamp + +
Apostilised set of documents + +
Nominee Director (1 year) +
Nominee Shareholder (1 year) +
Apostilised Power Of Attorney issued by Nominee Director +
Package price 390 USD 650 USD 1050 USD

Today the UK is considered the center of world business and economy. Many entrepreneurs make their choice in favor of this jurisdiction, since this country, with centuries-old traditions and an excellent legal reputation for doing international business, offers great opportunities in the global market. In addition, the UK applies the territorial principle of taxation. If the company does not operate in the country, it will not have to pay income tax. This factor is one of the most important advantages when choosing an alternative to the classic offshore.


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