Service Cost, EUR
Registration / purchase of a ready-made company from 1 800
Legal address (1 year) from 1 440
Secretarial service (1 year) from 1 200
Accounting service (1 year) from 1 800
Nominee service (optional) from 3 000

As a result of changes in Dutch tax law over the past two years, a company incorporated in the Netherlands can be used as a holding company if certain conditions are met. The company is considered tax resident in the Netherlands by virtue of its incorporation in the Netherlands. Since the company is a resident of the Netherlands, it can take advantage of the double taxation treaties concluded by the Netherlands and can also obtain a tax resident certificate.

It is easy and quick to buy a company in Holland with the experts of West Union Group. The best specialists will provide you with qualified assistance in setting up a company in the Netherlands.

Several types of companies can be registered in the Netherlands - these are closed limited liability companies, public limited liability companies, limited partnerships and a number of others.

Doing business in the Netherlands has a number of features: a physical office is required in the country, reporting, auditing and revenue transparency are required, which are reported on the annual and balance sheets.

If the company has only one shareholder, then he can also be a director, but if there are more shareholders, the creation of a Board of Directors is required. In this case, directors have the right to act as individuals, and in addition, legal entities.

In order to register a company in the Netherlands, you must have a Memorandum of Incorporation, a Memorandum of Incorporation, and a registration permit, which is obtained from the Ministry of Justice. In addition, documents proving the identity of the beneficiary are required.

Russia and the Netherlands have a common agreement regarding double taxation of the company's income and assets. Offshore companies in the Netherlands do not pay double tax and mutual investments are encouraged by both parties. Interest is not taxed, and income tax is calculated at a 15% tax rate.

Thus, the benefits of doing business in the Netherlands are clear:

zero tax rate for foreign subsidiaries of holding companies;
there is no currency control;
dividends are not taxed;
there is no need to hold annual meetings of directors and
All this makes it much easier to do business and provides the company with opportunities for successful growth.


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