Barcode registration service

Barcode registration is an effective tool for protecting your company from unfair competition. A registered barcode allows you to clearly distinguish your product from the mass of others.

When trading with EU countries, barcodes registered to European standards are used to mark goods. IBFS Europe specialists will register barcodes for your products within two weeks to two months.

We provide services of barcode registration of GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) symbols designed to encode information on the origin of goods and to identify the manufacturer. Barcode is a graphical information applied on the surface, marking or packaging of products, which can be read by technical devices. GTIN is a 14-digit international product number used in electronic product catalogues and information systems. The barcode is a unique product identifier that makes it easy for businesses and retail outlets to keep track of goods, compress information and read it instantly, using a decoder scanner.

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