Business immigration

This type of immigration is intended for businessmen who are managers and owners of at least 51 % of shares in a company registered and operating in Germany.

§21 AufenthG offers the possibility of a residence permit to entrepreneurs whose business is of economic interest to Germany and has a positive impact on the country's economy.

The following requirements are set for foreign businessmen who wish to register a company in Germany and move there permanently with a residence permit:

  • The submitted business project satisfies the requirements of economic efficiency and feasibility for the economy of the particular German region.
  • The business will generate an income of €4500 per month per founder. For the family of a businessperson, the minimum income requirements increase considerably.
  • High personal and business qualities of the business founder.

Under German law, not only German residents, but also foreign nationals may set up a business in the Federal Republic of Germany. As the management of a German company often requires permanent residence in Germany, foreign nationals need a visa or residence permit for Germany.


It is best to open a limited liability company (GmbH) for a residence permit. The minimum authorised capital of the company to be established is 25,000.00 euros.

A businessperson is entitled to permanent residence after three years of residence in Germany, and family members are entitled to permanent residence after five years.

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